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Child Custody

When you are seeking custody of your child, the court must make a decision that is "in the best interest of the child".  But who determines that? Under Fresno County's new Court Counselor system no counselor can make a recommendation about custody except in emergency circumstances.  This leaves you or your attorney to convince a Judge why you or someone else should have custody of your children.  This decision may be made by a stranger in 15 minutes or less, and depends on whether you have given the Judge the legally admissible information needed to make the correct decision.  Going into court without a lawyer, against a lawyer is like going to a gunfight without a gun.  You may have bullets of fact, but without the proper delivery you may miss the target and lose your children. Why gamble your children on whether you can talk faster or more pursuasively than your ex's attorney?  You need the help and representation of a skilled attorney. Kenneth M Cavin, will work hard to help you keep your children and help you create a stable custody order through delivery of legally admissible information to the court.  Child custody cases can be difficult and stressful, and many people speaking in court "Choke up".  Don't take that chance.  By choosing Kenneth M Cavin, you can be confident that the court will listen to you and make a custody order that reflects ALL the facts you have, and not just the skewed or distorted version that the other party wants the Judge to hear. Don't live in stress.  Don’t continue to worry about your child’s custody and leave your family stability in question. Call Kenneth M Cavin and let us help you receive the resolution you want.
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