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Kenneth M Cavin, is committed to protecting the interest of your family and we can help establish legal guardianship when necessary. When parents are in conflict with each other, with the law, or on drugs, someone must step up to care for their children. You may be a grandparent, an uncle, aunt, or other relative. If it is detrimental for the child to be in a parent's care, and and you have a bond to the child, and the court is convinced it is in the best interest of the child to reside in your care, then YOU CAN BE A GUARDIAN.  With our initial free consultation we can discuss with you the factual circumstances supporting your caretaking Guardianship.  Each situation is unique.  Discuss it in a confidential and professional environment. No child should be abused, neglected or without love and care.
YOU CAN STEP UP TO BE A GUARDIAN. Whether you are establishing guardianship of a child or seeking STEP PARENT ADOPTION, or GRANDPARENT VISITATION, Kenneth M Cavin will provide you with over two decades of experience to present the documents, the history of the child, and the testimony and other facts to pursuade the court that you can take care and custody of this child.  Save the child or children that need your care and support by calling our office today.
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